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Our Partners

The Qubes Project relies greatly on the generous support of the organizations, companies, and individuals who have become Qubes Partners. Each year, we seek new sources of significant funding to support our ongoing efforts.

Please contact us if you or your organization is interested in becoming a Qubes Partner.

Funding by Year




2014 and earlier

Our Partners

We would like to recognize the following Qubes Partners. We are grateful for their support!

Invisible Things Lab

Invisible Things Lab s.c. (ITL) is a privately held company based in Warsaw, Poland, owned by Joanna Rutkowska and Joanna Gołębiewska. ITL supported Qubes OS development from the beginning of the project in 2010 through 2014. The company’s primary source of revenue is security research and development.

Open Technology Fund

Open Technology Fund (OTF) is a United States government-funded program of Radio Free Asia, whose stated mission is to "support open technologies and communities that increase free expression, circumvent censorship, and obstruct repressive surveillance as a way to promote human rights and open societies."

OTF has funded a number of improvements to Qubes, including better accessibility and user experience, integration of Whonix, and improved hardware compatibility. Visit the Qubes funding page on OTF’s website for more information.

Access Now

Access Now is an international human rights organization whose stated mission is to “defend and extend the digital rights of users at risk around the world.” Beginning in 2015, Access Now generously agreed to provide staff time to help manage the Qubes OS project.

NLnet Foundation

NLnet Foundation is a recognized philanthropic nonprofit foundation based in the Netherlands and whose stated mission is "to promote the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose."

In 2016, the NLnet Foundation provided a grant to the Qubes project to support improvements in automated build processes, Debian template packaging, networking and privacy, and hardware compatibility.