Hardware Certification

Become Hardware Certified

If you are a hardware vendor, you can have your hardware certified as compatible with Qubes OS. To view currently certified hardware, please see the Qubes-certified Laptops page.

The benefits of hardware certification include:

Hardware Certification Requirements

Please see the updated requirements for Qubes 4.x certification.

Note: These are the requirements for hardware certification, not the requirements for running Qubes 4.x. For the latter, please see the system requirements for Qubes 4.x.

Hardware Certification Process

To have hardware certified, the vendor must:

  1. send the Qubes team two (2) units for testing (non-returnable) for each configuration the vendor wishes to be offering,

  2. offer to customers the very same configuration – same motherboard, same screen, same BIOS version, same WiFi module, etc. – for some sufficiently long period of time (currently approximately a year),

  3. pay the Qubes team a portion of the sales of each unit, to be agreed upon between the hardware vendor and the Qubes team.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure the hardware they wish to have certified can run Qubes OS, at the very least the last stable version. This could be done by consulting the hardware compatibility list or trying to install it themselves before shipping to us. While we are willing to troubleshoot simple issues, we will need to charge a consulting fee for more engaging work.

If you are interested in having your hardware certified, please contact us.