Whonix for Privacy & Anonymity

To improve your privacy and anonymity on the internet, you can install the Whonix Template on your Qubes machine.

Whonix is based on Debian and Tor and utilizes two VMs, a “gateway” and a “workstation”. Qubes security architecture makes use of Whonix’s isolation by using the gateway as a ProxyVM to route all network traffic through Tor, while the workstation is used for making AppVMs.

Getting Started with Whonix

To install Whonix, you must have a working Qubes machine already.

Customizing, Reinstalling, & Uninstalling Whonix

The following links are on Whonix’s website and may be technical.

Support for Whonix

The following links are on Whonix’s site.

You can also use Qubes support, but not all Qubes users run Whonix.